A New Dawn for Lesotho

A new government: a new dawn for Lesotho! Or is this just wishful thinking? I suppose time will tell; but the plain truth is that Lesotho is desperately in need of change.

We need a change where each person’s humanity can be affirmed positively. A change where all can get access to services not because they are “Semake le Semanyamanyane“, well-connected so-and-so’s!

Without this change, the idea that being known is to be human might permanently take root in our society and culture. And eventually, it might be deemed normal to equate humans to (unloved) animals — like Rakotsoane does, for example, in his poem “Re hetla morao” 1:

Ha u se ‘nyeo u katana sa Lesotho,
Mohofe oa ho ja ngoatho sa maobeng,
Farakatšana ea sefetjoa mahlatsa,
Monetoa-kamehla ka manotho-notho.

Translated in context, the above snippet by Rakotsoane states:

If you are not so-and-so you are Lesotho’s tattered-rag,
A destitute to eat beyond yesterday’s leftovers,
A piglet to be feed vomit,
A subject of perpetual abuse rooted in unending justifications.

With the above in mind, and a plethora of other equally troubling reductionist views arising from poverty, corruption, etc., I reiterate: Lesotho needs a change. Hence, I sincerely hope that a new government and a new opposition will translate to a new dawn for Lesotho. Further, I hope that we, as citizens, will also do our part.

Kopano ke matla! Ha re neneng e le kannete lisuoa le bobe bohle-bohle: bosoto, bokhopo, boipatlo, boikhantšo, boikaketsi, bomenemene j.j. ! (Unity is strength! Let’s passionately hate conflict and all forms of deplorable ills: malice, meanness, pomposity, arrogance, hypocrisy, dodginess, etc.!) 2

  1. In a book titled Sekoele Basotho! written and published by Lobiane F. C. Rakotsoane.
  2. Please note: I tried my best to avoid any words that may be considered offensive or profane; ho butsoa, ke butsoitse!

One thought on “A New Dawn for Lesotho

  1. My dear sister! I have read, your story: “A NEW DAWN FOR LESOTHO” with intrest. I love Lesotho so much that when ever I in my mind think of Lesotho, I always feel tears wanting to come out of my eyes. I am a South Africa citizen with intrest in the affairs of Lesotho, and also intrested in reading the history of this wonderfull country with potetial to produce highly anoited people who are let by God to lead others. Lesotho produced man like Pastor Du plessis, the man who preaced the gospel in Lesotho, South Africa and in the while world. A wonderfull man of God, the man who is amoungst the great gospel preachers ever born in this world.Yes it is true that Lesotho is desperatly in need of change. Lesotho need a change of heart to its people, Basotho to lift up Lesotho and put the country where it belong, needs to look up into the cross where the work was done for us all by Jesus Christ, and get the new heart, the heart of the Spirit, the heart that is medicenal to the flesh of man, the flesh that is cottupt. Lesotho needs the leader that knows who he is in God, not a leader that knows who is in his self. We need to know that as the nation we were created by God to fulfill His mission in the Southern Africa, in Africa and in the whole world. To say this I don’t say other nation were not created by God, they were also created by God, but we as a nation we were called out to serve God and lead others in His Kingdom. King Moshoeshoe was called and he responded well into his call, allow God to use him. In his leadership he win many nations into the Kindom of Lesotho and build a strong nation that was build upon the sure foundation of peace. We as a nation we allowd deceptions of this world to deceive us and as a results we lost the anoiting that was plased upon our nation. In the history book, the book title:’Histori ea Basotho, Karolo ea Pele’ the writer cried:”Ho ka lakatseha haholo hore Basotho ba bacha ba tsebe mahlohonolo ao bo-ntat’a bona ba a filoeng, ba tle ba a boloke ka ho ipoloka melekong e mengata ea bophelo ba kajeno, haholo ka hobane moea o mobe oa tsenyeho le oa boitsenyo o ntse o le teng ha’ra batho ba bangata ba kajeno.”

    Lesotho needs a leader who is impowered with the wisdom that is from above, it needs a leader like King Moshoeshoe a man who was blessed and given the new heart, the heart that is medicenal.

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