I am a Pan Africanist

In my previous blog posting I unabashedly declared myself to be a black feminist. I thought it proper to finish off my declarations by stating that indeed I am a Pan Africanist! (In case my obsession with the great leaders of Africa like Moshoeshoe I hasn’t given me away.)

I make my declaration well aware of the fact that today the meaning of Pan Africanism has been oversimplified to levels where one can easily feel ashamed of being associated with this great ideal. To me, it is truly unfortunate that it seems we live in a society where it is easier to seek to oversimplify things. Hence, to some it is perfectly acceptable to view Pan Africanism as a movement for protecting black interests or expressing black anger! And yet Pan Africanism is about something bigger and greater!

Pan Africanism as an ideal is about us Africans uniting irrespective of our colour and gender to solve our own problems. Of course this is not an easy task given that we can’t exactly take out the uncomfortable issues in the equation such as corruption and colour of ones skins. But that said, I remain a believer! Yes I believe we Africans can beat poverty. I believe we have it in us to show one another compassion. Most importantly, I believe we have it in us to show the world that the whole collectivism ideal is not a myth but a reality that can be realised by remembering that true service is about serving others . Perhaps this makes me naive or even slightly myopic but I do believe in the true essence of Pan Africanism.

Yes sometimes I get frustrated but who ever said the journey to prosperity would be easy! “Ha esita Maisiraele leetong la ho ea Kanana a ile a rapela melimo ea bosaoana! ” (Translated this roughly states, even the God’s people, the Israelites, in their journey to the promised land failed to acknowledge their own God; they strayed and worshipped false gods! )

So, I am truly not expecting the journey to be easy nor am I expecting it to be short. My point is: I am a Pan Africanist and I certainly do believe in the African dream! I hope therefore that I will live long enough to see it come true. In the meantime, it is my prayer that we as individuals, brothers and sisters of this fine continent will do our bit to end corruption and promote prosperity and peace for all! As Basotho would say: Khotso! Pula! Nala! (Peace! Rain! Properity!)


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