The roaring lion

As I grow from being a mere seed to a very promising seedling, I realise that the journey to becoming a strong tree is not an easy one! It is not just because we are facing global warming and there is not much rain. It is because some people are ready to cut me down – perhaps for firewood or just because they can.

Is this really how it is supposed to be? Why can’t people see that all I want is to grow into a beautiful tree that bears good fruits. A tree that provides people with a shade on a hot day. And a tree with strong branches to allow birds to build their own nests and find shelter in this drought stricken world.

This is all I want, but instead of being still and trusting that I shall be that tree, I feel like an angered lion. So like a lion, I shall roar to take out this anger that lies inside me. I shall roar to fight the injustices of this world. And I shall no longer aspire to be the tree for I cannot just be silenced; I shall be the roaring lion!


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