Using Technology to Bring About Social Change

In my last post (over a month ago), I was more or less using photography for inspiration. I am not a photographer. However, I am a habitant of the technology world (but neither a geek or a technophile) and as such, I have a duty to advocate for the use of technology in bringing about social change. Today, by some fluke, I came across a blog on “How to Use Social Media for Social Change“. This blog moved me in almost the same way the photograph by James Nachtwey moved me. When I saw that photograph, one of my first impressions was: ‘something needs to be done; the man is practically walking next to his own shadow but in fact he is himself a shadow of his former self because of HIV/Aids’.

I derailed a bit, the point is, we members of the tech community need to rise to the call! We need to do something to bring about social change. We have a responsility to ensure that people don’t die due to HIV/Aids; lack of clean water and sanitation; hunger; etc.


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