Ontology as Part my Journey – Part 2

As I continue with my journey on use of ontologies, I decided to explore some of the tools that can be used in the development of ontologies. I have long decided to use Protege but I thought there is no harm in exploring what is available. I began my venture but like the good woman that I am, I decided to exercise the right to change my mind.

What served as a trigger for the change of mind was a random mention of Cyc in one of the articles I was reading. It wasn’t the first time I came across it but this time I thought to self: ‘about time you explored this!’ So with obvious determination, I proceeded with my exploration! This yielded fruitful results in less than 30 minutes (with the help of Google of course).

In 30 minutes, I was lead to believe that OpenCyc might be useful in helping me to model my HIV/AIDS ontology. As aptly put, OpenCyc can be used for “rapid development of an ontology in a vertical area“. What this means is that OpenCyc is ideal for developing ontologies in a specific domain. (Go here for more on vertical and horizontal ontologies)

This is literally good news since one is always adviced to avoid building an ontology from scratch – if possible! And I was almost under the impression that this is the route I may have to follow. ( I boldly told my supervisors not so long ago that ontologies related to HIV/AIDS for disseminating information to laymen are not available. ) Well I am yet to download OpenCyc and may be I might need to retract my statement. I shall cross that bridge when I need to, right now I am just happy I have an excuse to celebrate my Friday. (Of course, I don’t really need an excuse because every Friday is a good Friday 🙂 !)


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