Peace, Moshoeshoe’s sister:"Khotso, khaitseli ea Moshoeshoe"

Today I was sent the Morija’s art festival programme by one of my lovely aunts, PK. In perusing it, I learnt that this year’s theme is “Khotso, khaitseli ea Moshoeshoe”. To those who followed my last few blogs, you would probably appreciate how exciting I think the theme is! Not exciting because it has Moshoeshoe in it but because one cannot over estimate the value of peace and therefore the importance to strive for peaceful existence. Now for a full appreciation of the theme, I have taken the liberty of cut-and-pasting it below (there was no copyright attached to it so I assumed it is share alike, with fully attribution to Morija Arts & Cultural Festival) :

” “Khotso, khaitseli ea Moshoeshoe”, which at one time was aptly rendered by Dr. Mosebi Damane as “Peace, the Mother of Nations”. Peace is not the preservation of the status quo, or a quietness borne of fear or apathy. Peace is not a mere lack of conflict. It is rather a dynamic process of give and take, of respectful listening and sharing of opinions, of constructively engaging with one another and seeking viable solutions to the challenges that face us as families, communities, churches, organisations and as a nation.

Peace nourishes and encourages our creativity and dynamism as a people, it protects and secures the hard work and assets that we have built up, and it is always willing to learn and help others in the process.”

Note: This year the festival runs from 1st – 5th October and whilst I won’t be able to attend I urge all to attend. It is absolutely worth it :- .)


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