Piss elsewhere …


The end of “sekotlo sa monna ke leralla”!

The practice of some men pissing all over has over the years pissed me a lot (pun intended)! To my defense, I suppose it is because I could never comprehend the Sesotho saying: “sekotlo sa monna ke leralla“. This saying is often used to explain why some men can actually piss in public without remorse. Translated, it states: ‘the back of a man’s head is a rock’. Interpreted I believe the saying means, as long as a man is facing away, like an ostrich with its head buried in the sand, he can assume that all that is behind him is non-existent!

Right or wrong about my interpretation, I was delighted to finally see signage that practically said: whether or not as a man you believe, sekotlo sa monna ke leralla, not at/in/on [OUR]* house! You want to piss? Please don’t desecrate our building, piss elsewhere and peace be with you! 

And given the timing of the signage, the enjoy your the 15 days of amazing at the Grahamstown Arts Festival was implied 😉 !

*Personally I have taken God as a partner, so I regard that to also be my house 😉 .

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