Prays for the return of the years of gentlemen-hood

Its been a while since I blogged and I think yesterday was one of those enlightning days for me that are worth documenting. I came to peace with the idea of remaining single for eternity. Not something that my elders would want to hear but I am clear that until I meet a gentleman I am not settling for a guy with muscles and/or looks.

So what happened. Well I was in a company of a guy that is definately easy on the eyes. I had absolutely no problems with the fact that Fresh the person to him refers to the DJ and while for me it refers to the prince of Bel Air. Nor did I have problems with the fact that if I were to cook a meal for him I would have to cook his steak and veggies to death. And I am not even going to discuss music…! Back to the point, despite the obvious differences I still never expected the guy mid-conversation to pick up his phone and call a friend about a non-urgent issue.

The guy practically made an ‘oh sh%$t’ statement and called his friend to discuss trivial issues about either girls or beer. I just can’t remember for I was seething with anger. Unfortunately it didn’t occur to me to ask him to stop the car but it did dawn on me that he would rather be chating on the phone than converse with me and so I called him as soon as he was off the phone. Did he answer? Of course not, he thought I was insane and perhaps blowing things out of proportion. I think I was too shocked to blow anything and frankly if I were to blow anything it would have been him and guys like him who lack a sense of what good manners entail.

For me, the ultimate good manners for guys is captured by an era of gentleman-hood. An era when no woman would open doors for themselves (unless there was no male in her company) and certainly an era when a man would know that it is only polite to excuse himself if at all he cannot resist the pulse to have a conversation with another.

Until the return of such an era, I shall remain happily single! And I must admit I never thought I could ever say this but there, it is said! I will not only be a ‘lefetoa’ (one passed for marriage) but will graduate to be a ‘mokubata’ (politically correct translation is a cold spinster and the proper translation is not so kosher)! Not necessarily easy labels to live with in our society but I know that I have the power to respond or not to respond to such labels. Hence, it is my decision to embrace a life without a guy if it means not sharing a life with a gentleman. Am I insane?


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