Quest for 2009

Wow! We are are in 2009 and I am still in the process of settling in. Yes I know it is past mid-Jan to be settling in but “ha li na mo tloha pele” (an early or late start is immaterial for only the end matters).

So first things first. Let me wish all a very happy and fruitful year. I hope all will find that which they are looking for. Personally I intend to find myself. This quest was inspired by Cozzie a wonderful lady that has played a significant role in my life from day 1 as she puts it. Anyway Cozzie on the 31st Dec paid me a visit and in our conversation she made me realise the importance of retaining self as one grows. As she aptly put it, in any kind of a relationship one needs to always retain the essence of who they are lest they wake up one fine morning to wonder what happened to the them?

I do believe that I have lost myself a little bit. I feel I am no longer the Mathe I was a while back before my BMI bordered on obesity. Therefore as a matter of priority one of my goals for this year will be to go back and find myself. The upside is that my view from the back is quite pleasing despite the weight or precisely because of it … I have had “bo ke metsi a foro ke ea lelemela” (the easy going type of men who are as fluid as water running in a pipe) proclaim their undying love walking behind me without seeing how I look. The downside is that in turning back, some may feel I am turning my back on them but that is far from the truth. My quest is simply about self-knowledge and being proud of who I am.


2 thoughts on “Quest for 2009

  1. Hey Mathe,
    Absolutely relate to the whole loosing the essence of who you are, be it physically, spiritually etc. Its an interesting journey.. one of re-discovering oneself.. or maybe its not re-discovering, it might just be learning becuase I have come to realise that I don’t completely understand myself

    • You might be right may be it is a case of learning not rediscovery. Afterall to achieve true enlightenment one has to be willing to learn everyday. I just think with age one loses the art of cheekiness because half of the time one is concerned about being maure about things. That is, with age we are likely to place ourselves in situations where some other person may be bold enough to attempt to feed us s**t simply because we chose to ignore their past negative behaviour. Perhaps hoping that in time they would realise you are not a fool you but a person who has learnt that the art of playing ‘who’s fooling who’ lies in observation. As they say, khomo e ts’oaroa ka manaka, motho ka lipuo!

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