Venting out

I had a hectic but rewarding week. Phew! I am glad that the dust is nearly settling. Question then is: what happens next? As I got told yesterday, the paranoia phase is next!

But is it really paranoia when one happens to believe that the war is not over? In my books that makes me a realist but if others label it as paranoia, so be it! Yes I may be young but not as young as I was yesterday. Therefore, I can’t also be labeled as myopic! I know the change that I so desire might not happen in my life time, but this can’t be an excuse for me to assume that the war is over!

The war is still on and action is needed to sustain the momentum of change! For me, to fail to take action is to deny my own humanity. I refuse to standby and watch others suffer and say it is not my business or I know not the person suffering. I refuse because I do understand that it might be me tomorrow suffering; and frankly I wouldn’t want people to pass by and say: ag shame! Yes, I do appreciate that taking action means I might discover that I was wrong. But I believe for me that would simply be a case of being right even when I am wrong –because while the action could have been wrong, it would have been right for me to act.

So despite and inspite standing the chance of being wrong, I will act according to my own convictions because as one of my late uncles once said: “Motho oa ‘ne a hate masepa a ntse a shebile”! Translated, a person can step on sh@t whilst looking!

Therefore, all I can ever pray for is to remember why it is the meek who stand to inherit the world, so that when I do act, my action will allow me to see the next day. And who knows? That could be the day I declare change of heart or actually inherit the earth!


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