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I am busy “perusing” my data after an incident that led to the damage of my laptop. I found this letter written in response to an article published in Sunday Times newspaper on the 9th June 2002 (though sent, it was never published). The article was titled: “When going it alone is a self-defeating farce” . The article was written by Mondli Makhanya.

Reasonably Provoked

After reading Mr. Mondli Makhanya’s article (9th June ), I felt compelled to write this letter as a young PROUD Mosotho child.

Firstly, to point out to Mr. Makhanya that it is not the “glorious battle of Thaba-Bosiu” that makes Basotho to be proud. To us, Thaba-Bosiu symbolizes the noble beginnings of a great nation built on the foundations of peace. Ironic as this may sound, the truth is Moshoeshoe I, the founder of Basotho believed more in maintaining peace not battles. Therefore, to use the word ‘battle’ in describing Basotho’s pride is completely absurd.

Secondly, to enquire how “Lesotho’s state of permanent instability” will supposedly change when it is part of South Africa –especially when the implication is that the South African government since 1998 has invested its valuable resources “to ensure Lesotho evolves into a country with predictable political and economic systems”?

Clearly as a young individual I do not have the answer to the above question but nevertheless I would still like to pursue this question even further. The South African government has hosted talks in Sun City in the past months in an effort to bring peace among the people of Congo and as a result it may be argued that a lot of resources were used in the process. The question then is: can anyone suggest that the country should exist in a different form and be part of another country simply because another country had tried to intervene? If so, why are countries such as India and Pakistan, Afghanistan and Israel still fighting?

In closing, I would like to say that as much as Lesotho’s stability may be questionable there is indeed HOPE. The very same old hope that has helped South Africa to be where it is today. A new South Africa that affords the likes of Mr. Makhanya to write like a complete NINCOMPOOP!


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  1. I surely like the fearless nature in which the writer portrays in her articles! I have concluded that am a fan of this block! Bravo madam

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