Gift of Life

A year ago and a day ago I wrote a post titled “Memento mori” — remember that one day you will die! I wrote that as part of celebrating my mom’s birthday. It was my own way of saying life is a gift, enjoy each day and don’t worry about tomorrow. After all, we are talking about a woman who has raised three daughters who understand the importance of family, sisterhood, love and sticking together when the proverbial hits the fan. A woman who has survived two kinds of cancers: one cured by doctors and the other cured by lawyers. And a woman who is blessed in so many ways I care to mention.

This post however is not about my dear mother. It is about yours truly. Yesterday, I was involved in a stupid road accident. It wasn’t my fault but when you are on two wheels; it really doesn’t matter who is wrong! Believe me, when I started riding my scooter someone did tell me this but yesterday it became crystal clear.

For a few seconds yesterday, the world had two people in it who were aware of what was going to happen with true certainty. I was going to collide into a car performing untimed u-turn manoeuvre. This was fate and there was no stopping it, without stopping time itself. I knew it and so did Nick — a perfect stranger who witnessed it all and who could but only rush to my rescue. I assure you that before either one of us could finish “what-the-…” statement, bang and I was down! Nick was lifting the scooter and with great relieve, he was asking if I was fine? I had just done a MacGyver avoidance manoeuvre with near zero injuries and I couldn’t believe my instincts! Actually my disbelief almost sent me into shock, I was hyperventilating and by the second getting overwhelmed by the driver’s insistence to point out that he genuinely didn’t see me. Of course he didn’t and just when I was about snap, Nick had brought water to calm me down and some other guy (sadly didn’t get his name) was offering me a Coke to drink. I hadn’t had Coke in twenty years and I must say, I forgot why at all I chose not to ever drink it. In minutes I was calm and grateful for my life. Accidents are accidents. I kept telling myself this as well as the driver, who at this stage seemed to be entering into a state of shock. I wished there was more I could do to assure him of my understanding but I couldn’t. I just wanted him out of my sight because all I could see was a man, who could have killed me on my mom’s birthday. I gave him my numbers to call and asked him as politely as I could to go home and be with his loved ones. He is yet to call but in the whole scheme of things, I am just thankful to be alive.

I am thankful to Nick and all those who came to my aid. I didn’t see my life flash before me but nonetheless I am thankful for the reminder that life is a gift we need to cherish with each day we are alive. Lets all be glad to be alive.

Much love to all and God bless!


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