Cancer blessing or curse

Today I ask myself whether being predisposed to having cancer is a blessing or a curse? Personally, I think it is a blessing but I have those who disagree with this point of view. The side-effects of treatment can be cruelling that much I agree on! But there is also the rallying together of family and friends; the opportunity to reflect on the important things in life; and the unexpected smile or laughter that may come even seconds after shedding a tear. All these to me are the cancer blessings!

One of my aunts got a cancer scare and while some were devastated. I wasn’t because I remembered all the blessings that came with the journey. I remembered for example laughing so hard after my mother finally woke up after her mastectomy. An hour long surgery that lasted over 4 hours because it was not possible to wake her up. Once she woke up, she claimed she had hopose (hops) ! Now that made me laugh and in just that one laugh, all else didn’t matter – the tears shed or whatever else that was happening around me. In just that moment I appreciated the gift of laughter and smiling.

And I guess in that moment of appreciation I began to realise that blessings indeed exist in every situation. The trick however is to learn how to notice them. I know this is not easy but I hope with each day we make it a point to count our blessings. Blessings to all!


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