Cancer blessing or curse

Today I ask myself whether being predisposed to having cancer is a blessing or a curse? Personally, I think it is a blessing but I have those who disagree with this point of view. The side-effects of treatment can be cruelling that much I agree on! But there is also the rallying together of family and friends; the opportunity to reflect on the important things in life; and the unexpected smile or laughter that may come even seconds after shedding a tear. All these to me are the cancer blessings!

One of my aunts got a cancer scare and while some were devastated. I wasn’t because I remembered all the blessings that came with the journey. I remembered for example laughing so hard after my mother finally woke up after her mastectomy. An hour long surgery that lasted over 4 hours because it was not possible to wake her up. Once she woke up, she claimed she had hopose (hops) ! Now that made me laugh and in just that one laugh, all else didn’t matter – the tears shed or whatever else that was happening around me. In just that moment I appreciated the gift of laughter and smiling.

And I guess in that moment of appreciation I began to realise that blessings indeed exist in every situation. The trick however is to learn how to notice them. I know this is not easy but I hope with each day we make it a point to count our blessings. Blessings to all!

Oozing gratitude from the shavathon event

The Hamilton building united together to raise funds for the Cancer Association of South Africa. A good day to remember that there are so many good causes out there for which we can all make a difference. And also a good day for one to remember to be grateful about ones health and all other blessings bestowed upon them.

Personally, I am thankful in that I am born without any disabilities from a family of ‘substantial’ intellect (in a sense that many in my family have a university degree and believe with great conviction that education is the key to opening many doors of opportunity). As a result, I am what one would call middle class and I am fortunate to not know how it feels to worry about the next meal. For this, I am grateful because we have many people dying of poverty and many of us in the middle class category often forget to acknowledge how blessed we are. Yes we might not have the wealth of the few in the rich category class but we in the middle class are in a good position to be generous! And this is what today was about in Hamilton, we remembered that we were blessed and can contribute something for a good cause. So we made donations and shaved our heads and/or sprayed our hair in fun colours.

I am too attached to my hair to shave it but I did participate in the fun! I went all white and I am loving it 😉 . I thought I would feel self-conscious and uncomfortable but as I walk the streets I feel totally inspired! In part because I know I am going to look HOT in grey one day!

Ok, I derailed a bit but to finish off this posting, I would like to quote Eric Hoffer who said:

The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.

I have started counting mine … hope you all start counting yours in order to gain perspective and be grateful about whatever blessings you may have .

Peace and love to all!