My thoughts on valentine

A simple visit to the stores to get milk around this time of the year can make one pause for a minute to consider the true significance of valentine. Perhaps it only happens to those of us who are not yet ready to get a cat as a companion or those of us who get overwhelmed by valentine’s day marketing. Whatever the case may be, I paused and I think while the idea of celebrating valentine is good, the capitalist spin to it de-values it completely.

Valentine’s day is about celebrating love. If it is true that money can’t buy love, then it should follow that celebration of love should not involve money. Ok that might be slightly flawed but my point is money shouldn’t play much role in valentine’s celebration. So the challenge for valentine should be to celebrate the day as cheaply as possible but with meaningful gestures that show affection.

The gestures differ with each individual. For me, a cup of coffee in bed with a chocolate croissant would do the trick 😉 . I wouldn’t also mind a hand written love letter but that can wait until I meet that frog which I can turn into a prince with just one passionate kiss … (that may cause the prince to turn my frock into tatters 😆).


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